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may 11 2011

elise is three weeks into a two-month, cross-canada tour with o'mally (dates are up over here), and north ontario is treating us nicely, but goodness it is large. still. a few short hours after this tour ends in vancouver, elise will be reuniting with swedish guitarist simon nyberg for thescandinavian midsummer festival on sunday june 19th. then it's the campbell bay music fest, followed by a sailboat tour with o'mally... 

jan 8 2011

we had a great joel battle reunion show at the biltmore in december - just before we found out that our album made the province's top 10 of 2010! sweet! that led to a fun sold-out show at cafe deux soleil before joel flitted back off to toronto.o'mally is headed back into the studio in early february for more work on the new record, after some vancouver and victoria shows with our most excellent expanded lineup. work is well underway for the 3rd annual campbell bay music fest, and you should come join us on the sheep farm in june!

october 6 2010
the summer saw elise riding (and sometimes pushing) a big green westfalia around much of canada with o'mally, finishing that hardangfiddle project she was always talking about, and catching up with the sheep on mayne island in between tour dates. the first run of her ep sold out and she recently printed the second, just in time to get to ottawa where she is currently lurking for a couple or days before the last o'mally tour of the season. earlier this year elise was stoked as all heck to participate in anthony braxton's sonic genome project and onetwothreefourfivesixseven's music for large spaces in vancouver, and is looking forward to getting back to the west coast and making some more noise. 

april 14 2010
elise is heading out on tour with o'mally in may-june, starting in montreal and driving west... check out to see if we're stopping in your town, and to hear tracks from the new album.

oct 12 '09
the joel battle cd release is coming up soon - thursday october 22nd at st james hall, vancouver! come witness our mighty 7-piece rootsrock battalion in person... show details are on myspace.

august 19 '09
elise has just finished recording her first solo ep! pressing is next week and online tracks will come soon, but elise is quite excited and thought she might mention it now. also, two videos have just gone up from the july la la boom boom show.

july 5 '09
it's ep release time for la la boom boom! saturday july 11th at richards on richards is where the action's at. it's the last vancouver show in a while as atalay's relocating to NYC... elise has recently joined on with aaron cadwaladr's band and will be debuting with them on the 10th. the blog finally got some more attention, and the geranium is doing alright.

june 3 '09
may saw elise spending a week on a ranch in an undisclosed location workin' on the new joel battle album, then flying to halifax to meet up with fish & bird for a chunk of their cross-canada tour. elise got back to vancouver yesterday, and is boiling to death in her apartment while trying to nurse her red geranium back to health.

april 29 '09
elise has a brand new blog documenting her attempt to convert a fiddle into a something like a hardangfiddle. vague plans, dubious woodworking knowledge, and boundless enthusiasm for nerdy folk instruments - sounds like a good read! check it out!

april 15 '09
elise has just made a guest appearance on fish and bird's new album, to be released in vancouver on may 1st! elise is very pleased with the whole affair, and suggests you check out while the album is busy being produced.

february 25 '09
elise has recently been hatching plans to travel to antarctica and compose tunes that will become the new folk music of a songless continent.

more plausible plans are also taking shape, with trips to england and the netherlands coming up in june!

october 30 '08
well well well, it's been a while. new musical adventures have recently included duo work with irish guitarist nathan shubert, a quick jaunt to far distant lands with the paperboys, and a dive into the jazz program at vcc... but the best way to catch up is to check out the upcoming gigs page, then stop by and say hi somewhere along the line! and if yer lookin' for on-the-fly show updates, myspace is the place to be.

apr 11 '08
lately elise has been sittin' in with blackberry wood, and sittin' around playing the banjo when she's had enough dancey times. elise is about to head out of town until july, but will be playing an up-jumpin' farewell-for-now show with la la boom boom AND blackberry wood at the railway club, wednesday april 16th.

march 10 '08
listen for interviews and live performances on CBC radio 1 on thursday, march 13th from 3-5pm! and check online for celticfest appearances this weekend.

feb 8 '08
guess what, elise's brand new band has a brand new myspace page, complete with emergency bedroom demos and videos of their first show! go check out la la boom boom.

jan 22 2008
it's a new year, but you probably had that figured. UPDATES! over the winter elise has teamed up with ac fields and the dark~blue horse to present some cinematic alt-country tunes on the airwaves and in the galleries. elise has had the pleasure of extended jams with earle peach, their duo's hitting the radio next week (check upcoming gigs for info) and she's terribly excited about her new band la la boom boom, which debuted on new year's eve up the coast and hits vancouver with a great big bang this saturday. elise is frequently distracted by her newly borrowed banjo.

aug 22 '07
elise has just wrapped up recording on beth southwell’s 'something you said', soon to be released on violet femmes records. other recent adventures include working with jesse waldman on campaign music for bc green party candidate ben west, and an appearance on britain's radio 4 with members of the carnival band. elise is looking forward to beginning a long-distance recording project with baltimore’s sean k. preston in september. good times, good times.

here at the elise boeur violin headquarters, we celebrated our website launch... IN THE FUTURE!

elise boeur ~ violin